ESSENTIALS: This Week’s Bulletin

Childcare — We have a team of volunteers who will care for your child during the message until the beginning of communion. Visit us in Pingo Land.

Need someone to pray for you? — Hope Mentors are available to pray for you, talk with you, and provide care and support with any challenging circumstance. Hope Mentors are located at the Information Center in the lobby.

Summer Break — All of our after-service environments (Pingo Land, Xtreme, Converge) are taking a “pause” for the summer season and will start up again after Labor Day.

Community Groups — Be in a Community Group to fill the GAP between learning truth on Sunday morning and applying it in your life. Visit the Next Steps table to discover how you can do life together with others!

GIVE — Automate what’s important: make a plan to give your offering electronically from your bank every week/month for free. See the Information Center.

Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard—Messiah’s opportunity to serve others at Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard is coming up Friday, June 29, 12:30-3 pm. Approximately 15 people are needed. Sign up at the Information center or contact Peggy Fry.

Toiletry Items—Messiah is also collecting toiletry items which will be donated to Mother Hubbard’s the Friday we serve. Just drop your donation in Messiah’s “HOPE” chest in the narthex!

PoKeNo is Wednesday, June 27,1:00 to 3:00 in the fellowship hall. Theme is “patriotic”. Hostess is Carol Ernst. Please bring a $5 wrapped gift that is patriotic.

Church Membership — If you have questions about becoming member of Messiah, please visit the Next Steps table in the lobby after the service.

Portals of Prayer — Daily devotional booklets are available at the Information Center.

Recycle — Devotional booklets and greeting cards for local prison and preschool use—drop in recycle bin.

Write to Owen in Basic Training — Owen Shields, son of Suzanne Sykes, has just entered his six-week basic training at Lackland AFB, Texas. Please encourage him by sending a note or letter , as every day counts! Do not include any pictures or items in the envelope—these are confiscated. His address is:

80 AD Shields Robert, O

324 TRS-S4T. #519. Dorm #A6

1320 Truemper St. Unit 362913

Lackland AFB, TX. 78236-6432

MidWeek — has completed their spring session. Watch Essentials for information about the fall. Their mission outreach donations will go to Lutheran World Relief, designated for Puerto Rico.

Kairos — The Fall Kairos prison ministry team is now being formed.  Our Fall weekend is Oct 18-21.  We have 4 enriching team meetings starting on Aug 18.  Interested men and women need to talk to Mark and Barb Spelzhausen or Bruce Rudd.  Check out the Kairos website at