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August Food Drive

The goal was 500 pounds of food. 1600 pounds was collected and delivered to Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard!! Thank you Messiah and Motts Village.

Food Drive to Help Restock Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard

Summer is usually a lean time at Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard. Food and other supplies are desperately needed. The goal for Messiah’s August Food Drive is 500 pounds of food and supplies, and Messiah… Continue reading

Book Drive Is a Success

50 Books for 50 Years Service Project — School libraries have been hard hit by budget cuts. For example new library books have not been a budgeted item at Sunset Park Elementary for… Continue reading

Making THE Difference

Reading the book of Proverbs in our 31-day challenge, I am reminded of the various, crucial principles we are called to live out as Christians and called to BE as a church. One… Continue reading

New Leadership Team

On July 1, we transition our leadership team to our newly elected officers as voted in from the May congregational voter’s meeting. Here is the breakdown of our team for 2016-2017: President: Bruce… Continue reading

Baptism of Jett Douglas Johnson

On April 3, 2016, we celebrated Jett Douglas Johnson’s  baptism in our service. Jett is the son of Brett and Julie. We were excited to share with the entire Johnson family in this new life of faith, in… Continue reading

An Easter Thank You!

Thank you to all the incredible volunteers who made our Easter celebration great! The team of trustees and volunteers who worked and cleaned outside, our Fellowship team and men in the church who… Continue reading

Baptism of Charles David Mazzarone III

On January 3, 2016, we celebrated Charles David Mazzarone’s baptism in our service. Known by his middle name, David is the son of Charles and Kristina. We were excited to share with the entire Mazzarone family in… Continue reading

Ladies Advent Luncheon

On Saturday, December 5, we held our Ladies Advent Luncheon, preparing for the coming of Christmas and reflecting upon the meaning of the coming season of Christmas. A nice lunch was prepared, Vicki… Continue reading

Let’s Be Rich for 2015!

On Sunday, October 18, we launched our Be Rich campaign for 2015. Be Rich is based from something in scripture that when you first read it, you discount it because you don’t think… Continue reading