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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our amazing moms who volunteer or attend our church. We are so thankful for you and for the lives you pour into each and every day. We… Continue reading

Congratulations Class of 2016

Congratulations to Owen Shields (son of Suzanne Sykes) who recently graduated from J.T. Hoggard High School. He graduated with Career Readiness in NHC Film and Naval Science IV. Owen intends on remaining in… Continue reading

Patriotic Potluck

On May 21, in the Fellowship Hall, members of Messiah met to celebrate Armed Forced Day with a potluck and sing-along. Everyone enjoyed the varied dishes and singing patriotic songs. Thanks to all… Continue reading

Milestone Birthdays & Anniversaries in March/April 2016

March Birthdays March Anniversaries Brin Craft Jr. 3/1 Jacob and Kaitlyn Eddy 3/13 Karen Eddy 3/1 Ed and Gina Theriault 3/27 Samuel Lewis 3/2 Emily Vitt 3/3 Don Meyer 3/5 Alin Ruiz 3/7… Continue reading

Milestone Birthdays & Anniversaries in February/March 2016

February Birthdays February Anniversaries Elizabeth Eddy 2/2 Gary and Dianne Zenz 2/3 Sydney Evans 2/3 Ed and Patricia Boelte 2/14 Melissa Andrews 2/10 Donald and Audrey Meyer 2/18 Marci Raines 2/11 Bob Nick… Continue reading

Milestone Birthdays & Anniversaries in January/February 2016

January Birthdays January Anniversaries Gabriel Steele 1/1 David and Carol Ernst 1/22 Rebecca Wright 1/2 Lisa and Gerald Novarro 1/29 Elli Penninger 1/4 Ron Snyder 1/4 Miriam Pohl 1/25 Phyllis Weybrecht 1/26 Anne… Continue reading

Christmas thank you for our staff

On behalf of Kevin, Anne and Timothy – thank you for the kind and generous Christmas gift collected from our congregation. It means a lot to be remembered this way, and we are… Continue reading

Milestone Birthdays & Anniversaries in December 2015/January 2016

December Birthdays December Anniversaries Adam Vitt 12/3 Mike and Dolores Mainland 18-Dec Sophia Hodges 12/9 Tom and Marlene Harty 25-Dec Patricia Johnston 12/11 Frank and Mary Durdle 28-Dec Joyce Snyder 12/12 Beth Thompson… Continue reading

Milestone Birthdays & Anniversaries in November/December 2015

November Birthdays November Anniversaries Susan Ferber 11/1 Charles and Jennifer Evans 11/7 Scott Johnston 11/6 Mike and Pat Vukelich 11/11 Jeffrey Pohl 11/14 Lillian Lewis 11/15 Eliana Steele 11/17 Cecilia Rudd 11/19 Bruce… Continue reading

Milestone Birthdays & Anniversaries in October/November 2015

October Birthdays October Anniversaries Leah Penninger 10/1 Diana and John Sloan 10/9 Carol Ernst 10/4 Rachel Schmidt 10/12 Rhonda Turner 10/20 Jenny Hodges 10/26 Camille Pohl 10/28 Teresa Weybrecht 10/29 November Birthdays November… Continue reading