Milestone Birthday’s & Anniversaries for August/September

August Birthdays August Anniversaries Shirley Beecher 4-Aug Fred and Karen Spike 5-Aug Pat Jackson 5-Aug Bill and Miriam Pohl 9-Aug Marcus Thompson 5-Aug Leah and Daniel Sparks 14-Aug Isabel Steele 8-Aug Mark and Barbara… Continue reading

Our fall startup begins Sunday, September 7!

Our after-service environments begin soon after our summer break – 10:45 – 11:45 AM every Sunday, starting September 7. Stay tuned!

Messiah’s Leadership Summit 2014

Sunday, all our church leaders spent three hours taking a 10,000 foot view at Messiah. Our main goal during our time together was to refocus on three things: What are we doing? Why are… Continue reading

Special Music

Sue Ferber and her granddaughter, Tyler Ray, sing a duet during communion, on July 20.

Envision 2021 9-month update

We’re 9 months through our one-year capital campaign to pay down our mortgage debt, AND we’re nearing our goal! As of June 29, the money you’ve given to Envision 2021 ($15,054) will pay down… Continue reading

Thank You Nancy Moody!

On Sunday, July 6, after the service, we celebrated Nancy Moody’s more-than-10-years of service as chair of the Altar Care team. We’re grateful for all the incredible work she has done to insure… Continue reading

Milestone Birthday’s & Anniversaries for July/August

July Birthdays July Anniversaries Jason Post 1-Jul Paul and Susan Mowrey 8-Jul Mary Kate Jorgensen 4-Jul Ted and Mari French 10-Jul Allison Thompson 7-Jul Leroy and Carol Musolf 14-Jul Irmgard Deppe 8-Jul Timothy… Continue reading

Dylan Vitt’s Confirmation of Faith

On Sunday, June 8, we celebrate Dylan Vitt’s confirmation of faith and loved hearing his story of faith growth. We’re so happy for Dylan, and everyone at Messiah Lutheran Church who help create environments where… Continue reading

What a Way to Serve!

Way to go Friends-in-Need! Volunteers worked at Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard on May 30 providing food assistance to 52 needy individuals and families. Then on June 13 another group of our volunteers prepared and served meals to… Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day!

This quote sums it all up: “Father!–to God himself we cannot give a holier name. ” – William Wordsworth One way to tell how how highly we regard fatherhood is that we call… Continue reading